• Chun,Jay
    Under the leadership of the Macao SAR government and firm support of the central government, Macao today is steadily developing to become a worldwide tourism and leisure centre. Being at the right place at the right time, Macao is enjoying prosperous results in the strategic diversification of its economy. Until today, gaming has been an irreplaceable flagship industry which has led the way of Macao’s economic growth. As the gaming equipment manufacturing industry is a direct complement of this vast gaming industry, it too enjoys unlimited potential for expansion in this market. The global centre for the gaming industry has gradually shifted to the East. As this new market expands and gaming technology evolves, the demand for gaming equipment will keep rising. In the foreseeable future, this demand will continue to grow at an accelerating rate not just in Macao, but also worldwide, which will contribute favourably to Macao’s exporting industries. Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association was established to better unify the forces of Macao gaming equipment manufacturers with an aim to increase their reputation in international markets. Our associates actively work on increasing the market share and international standing of gaming equipment “ Designed in Macao ”, “ Incorporating Macao Concepts ” and “ Made in Macao ”. I sincerely hope that the establishment of this association will, with the cooperation and hard work of all its members, establish a platform for technical exchange in the manufacturing of gaming equipment; manufacture a variety of quality products of a high international standard, including gaming equipment; help train a highly technical workforce for the Macao SAR; promote the diversification of industries in the Macao SAR and make an important contribution to the prosperity of Macao.
Our aim is to build the Macau entertainment equipment and technological exchanges and trade promotion platform, to improve the international status of the market share of entertainment equipment "Made in Macao", and the prosperity of the Australian economy, and promote the development of industrial diversification.
The Council welcomes the entertainment equipment manufacturers and industry leaders at home and abroad to participate as a member of this will play based on the Macau government and business communication advantages, our members to convey information, human resources, professional training, maintenance of intellectual property and copyright, as well astechnical certification services, to provide assistance for its members, and to safeguard the interests of members.
To tie in with the implementation of the "Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Framework Agreement" and in response to the central government industrial diversification and development of Macao call, this will be submitted to the Government in the Hengqin Island "Guangdong-Macao cooperation in industrial park," self-financing the construction of the "Macau entertainment equipment R & D,certification, education, high-tech industrial park base "application report, want to build an integrated high-tech industry base.